About the project

Client: Sportbedrijf Amstelveen

Sport & Culture Amstelveen (SCA) is a platform for both kids and teenagers. These target groups are able to join different activities and sporting events in Amstelveen. This way they don’t have to choose one specific sport and can try different areas to find where their interests are.

Brand style

The client just started out and hadn’t define a brand style yet. The project started with creating a style that would appeal to their target audience (children from the age of 6 til 16), but that I also would express the open culture of the client. I’ve chosen a fresh blue as the main color that be emphasised by the secondary colors; magenta and a light green.

The logo is a combination of the letters Sport & Culture with a silhouette of Sport in the letter S and Culture in the letter C.

This brand style was further developed by the creation of the website and the various print materials.

Website (UX & Visual design)

For Sport & Culture I designed a new website from scratch. The first thing I had to do was identifying the most important tasks to achieve a thought out user interface. With the target audience and the client we sat together for a card sorting session. The results of this session I drawn out in a sketch and thus started the creation.

Flyers, booklets and posters

Most of the traffic was pulled because of marketing through print materials. Booklets (preview booklet 2016, preview booklet 2015 ) with activities were handed out at schools, huge posters were hung at gymnastics and flyers spread at children events. All of these printed visuals were designed by me in collaboration with the created content of the marketing manager.

  • website redesign
  • logo design
  • SCA card
  • promotion in magazines
  • 5×1 meter banners in school and sports hall
Visual Design
UX Design