About the project

Noordwijk and Capelle a/d IJssel municipalities in the Netherlands.

A new Dutch law was accepted in 2015 shifting the responsibility and administration from national to municipality level. This resulted in the creation of the “Mantelzorgpas” (caregiver pass).

For various municipalities I have created the complete brand style, website and print material for the Mantelzorgpas. Here I included the website for the municipality Noordwijk and Capelle aan den IJssel. I was responsible for both the User Interface and Visual Design.


The caregiving compliment always had its own website where consumers would retrieve all the needed information. In most cases the website was designed (visual and UX) by me and developed from there. In a few instances I also took the lead in realising the website in WordPress, where I adjusted existing themes to fit the needed purpose.


Client: Groupcard

The local oriented company Groupcard had an outdated website which needed a complete new look and feel. Most of the content was not relevant anymore as they just started operating on a completely different market.

The first phase of the redesign was organizing the content and functionalities. In the second phase the content was created and the design was made. In the third and final phase the implementation in the content management system was completed.

A side project was a basic app; in the app users are able to register the cards of contestants. For this app I designed the flow and the visual design.


Client: Generali

The insurance company Generali had plans to roll out a mobile application where insured clients could do a check if their insurance is still applicable to their current situation.

The concept phase started with a simple insurance; the liability insurance. The client would go trough a small set of simple questions. As a result their liability insurance could be adjusted to a more comprehensive policy.

  • Website design
  • Logo design
  • User Interface
  • Mobile app design
Visual Design
UX Design
Mobile App Design